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If you are a school, a business person or teacher committed to supporting kids with the learning of science based emotion regulation skills and fun problem resolution techniques, Mindology Fitness may be the perfect addition to your regimen. 

The Mindology Fitness Kids Program

Mindology Fitness Kids (MFK) is a program that is specifically designed to be emotionally engaging and mentally impactful for kids. While participating in the program, kids are given the tools they need to emotionally self-regulate and to ensure their peace of mind is in their hands at all times.

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Our clients are successful with our easy to use training system

Each of our modules are broken into three sections that are easy to follow and learn from.

1. The Script

2. The Science

3. The Experience

Our Students Are Successful With Our Easy to Use Training System

Each of our modules are broken into three sections that are easy to follow and learn from.

1. The Exercises

2. The Science

3. The Experience


The Four Objectives of Mindology Fitness Kids

About The Program

Mindology Fitness Kids is a fun, effective and accessible whole-body, mind and spirit fitness program created especially for children ages 3-12. The program is designed to integrate a sprinkling of original mind healing empowering techniques with a hefty dose of science-based methodology to ensure optimal mental health and wellbeing.


During the first 15-minutes of the workout, kids learn how to activate both hemispheres of their brain. They stimulate their optic nerve, rid their bodies of excess cortisol and secrete toxins from their vital organs.

Emotion Regulation

The second part of the class focuses on the mind. During this section, kids engage in specific activities designed to help them regulate unwanted emotions, clear their mind of unwanted chatter and ignite their feel-good hormones.

Heart Connection

The third part of the class helps kids connect with their inner selves by utilizing “heart-focused breathing” from the Institute of HeartMath™. This connection inspires kids to trust their heart’s intelligence for answers to personal concerns.

Inner Peace

The final section of the class also teaches kids how to use their imagination to visualize positive realities that they wish to experience in their everyday lives.

Mindology Fitness Kids' Mindology Fitness Kids' Program Training 

This certification course is designed to provide Mindology Fitness Kids' program trainees with the information needed in order to train Mindology Fitness programs for children.

Dr. Troy
CEO & Founder of Mindology Fitness

Hello, I'm Dr. Troy and I have dedicated my life to finding organic, science-based. fun, effective and affordable ways to help kids regulate and disappear unwanted emotions.  If you would have any questions or would like to know more about the Mindology Fitness Kids program, please contact me directly at  or send a text to 818 802 3700.  Thank you!
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